solo shows 


the circle ends, 

galerie lekker, 

paris, france 2014


the erotic echo,

galerie la manufacture, 

in cooperation with lbc 

paris, france, 2015

reluctant romantic

the weehawken writers studio

in cooperation with Jeffrey F. Barken 

new york, america, 2018

group shows

you can’t read it, 

danske banks kunstforening

the danish bank art association,

aarhus, denmark, 2015 


you can’t read it, 

danske banks kunstforening

the danish bank art association, 

copenhagen, denmark, 2015  



bump gallery/revue gallery soho,

london, england, 2016


"LISTEN" 2019 

selected to Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival

"LISTEN" 2020

London experimental Film Festival

Some words about Casper Duizer Ulvskov…


“A study in weirdness is a painting series based on theories of identity and gender politics. Duizer’s work examines the relationship between traditionally masculine and feminine personas in an increasingly genderless society. He is inspired by the punk, drug and transsexual scenes. With experiences hitchhiking through Europe, the United States and the Middle East. Duizer’s painted images embody the transitory nature of travel in both its physical and emotional essence. Constantly in flux and forever anonymous, the faceless figures punctuates the canvas with their presence, while at the same time threatening to disappear. Like beauty over time. His work examines our innate fascination with the duality of beauty and destruction. 


Duizer’s methodology relies upon the division of figurative expression and abstraction. As a result, his works are open-ended, anthropomorphic explorations in which the invisible landscapes he encounters unravel essential personal and collective memories and dreams. They do not suggest a fixed beginning or end - nor do they occupy a static space in time. 


And then the 27-year-old painter adds a quote from his notebook “Making the perfect painting is like running between rain drops. Avoiding the drops seems impossible. And maybe even more impossible, the more you think about it? “


"I have produced less paintings lately, simply because they require more time and challenge me more. I have constantly had to dig further into myself, into the transcendent, to the part where the limit of what can be perceived with senses and through experience begins to flow.”


For "the paintings job is to express what can not be said with words, and that is what I try to do with every single painting.”  


Doubt as a driving force

"Once I bought a cheap motorcycle and drove with a sweaty backpack through the dry desert in Rajasthan, northwestern India. I got the impression of an uninhabited land, the beginning of everything, the desert was like a blank canvas and I drove around the landscape like a paintbrush. There were no houses to see, only the wide horizon. The desert was an empty painting and the motorbike was my paintbrush” 


“My direction was based on doubt and openness. The result was that I got lost several times. To me it was how I used my doubts - that it became a driving force instead of an obstacle. In exactly the same way as when I bring my paintbrush across the canvas, I did not know where I ended up. All my paintings are a result of that” 


“We often forget that we are part of the nature, that we are wiggling and not static human beings. When we feel best, we experience losing expectations, we forget our daily control, we start playing jazz, painting, creating freely, moving freely - on the canvas, in nature, in ourselves, in each other, in diversity and in love”


“I think it is a universal force - from life to art.”